At just 5 minutes from the Park, discover the unusual places in the Mervent forest !

The chapel

La Chapelle du Père de Montfort

The Père de Montfort chapel is hidden in the trees at the foot of the Barrage de Pierre Brune(dam). The Park has direct access to this chapel, which begins at the Café de la Grotte. Please note, that this footpath has stone steps and is therefore not accessible to everyone.

The Cave

La Grotte de Mervent

After reaching the chapel, the more courageous can continue their ascent to discover the famous cave - the Grotte de Mervent.

The Plateau

The Pierre Brune Plateau

As you continue walking you will arrive at an open area with several picnic tables. On your right, a little path leads to a vantage point overlooking the Pierre Brune dam.

The Dam

The Pierre Brune Dam

Built in 1979, this dam marks the boundaries between the communities of Vouvant and Mervent. The river "La Mère" runs through it.

The Belvedere

The Belvedere

The Pierre Brune rock overlooks the Park and offers a magnificent panorama of the Pierre Brune valley.

There are numerous other places to explore !

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